We offer services in the field of electrical/electronics including embedded systems development, sensors, actuators and customized user interface. Our engineering team has extensive experience in areas of hardware development, firmware development, customized designs, smart materials technology and testing.
Hardware Development
CSD Engineering Service team has immense experience in areas of mechatronic system design. The powerful design tools, coupled with the experience and versatility of the engineers enable us to provide quick and fully functional solutions for our customers. Like all of our companies' projects, we are striving to streamline the input/output devices of our products, while staying on top of the technological and creative threshold. We have the expertise to incorporate many types of input/output devices into our products, such as membrane switches, keyboards, LED’s, LCD displays, data storage, various sensor inputs and actuators.
Firmware Development
CSD Engineering Service possesses comprehensive development tools for microcontroller systems including software simulators, in-circuit emulators and cross-compilers. Our staff skilled in both the hardware design of embedded systems and in the programming of embedded software applications. Firmware development includes micro-controller based design, PCB design, and signal conditioning system design. We also design graphical user interface (GUI) such as intuitive screen controls, easy to use data input and clear data presentation operating in a windows environment. A good GUI design will significantly improvement productivity and reduce operator related errors.
Customized Designs
CSDES Engineers have extensive knowledge on custom user interface devices, LCD technology, and smart materials design. The custom user interface device includes; display devices, tactile switches, audio, optical devices. The custom LCD parameters; display mode, viewing angle, size, backlighting, connector and mounting method, LCD modules, etc. We provide turnkey solutions for customized display needs. CSD Engineering Service provides innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to solve complex problems in science and technology. CSD Engineering Service has the expertise in the area of smart materials such as magnetostrictive materials, piezo, shape memory alloy etc, MEMS and RF technology.
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